Online Diction, Public Speaking & Social Polish Course for Children

In this 1-month online course, children are guided through an excellent framework designed to help them blossom into confident, polished and well behaved speakers.

Classes hold three times weekly, within a period of 1 month. The classes hold on Zoom, but all the lessons are also pre-recorded and dropped on a Whatsapp group created for each class.

The training will covers the following areas:

* The sounds of the English Language

* Elocution & Pronunciation Drill

* Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

* Excellent Reading Skills

* Etiquette & Social Polish Skills for boys and girls

At the end of the training, the children emerge thoroughly refined, confident and polished.

This course is worth far more than the fee charged for it. This is to afford a good number children the opportunity to benefit from this life-time opportunity.

To secure a place for your child in the next batch, kindly contact us.