Speak with Elegance & Power Pro course

This is a 5-day online Diction and Public Speaking Course designed to meet the needs of people from all works of life.

Do you admire people who speak well, but think you can never be like them?
Do you lack the confidence to speak in the presence of an audience? ⁣⁣

Do you have a native accent which keeps getting in the way when you speak English? ⁣⁣
Would you love to get and hold people’s attention when you speak?⁣⁣
Would you love to become a polished version of yourself?

Then you must not miss this training!

In this 5-DAY INTENSIVE ONLINE TRAINING, you will be taken on a journey of self transformation, during which you will be exposed to a proven strategy designed to help you become a polished version of yourself.

If you are looking to attain eloquence in your spoken English, eliminate fear and anxiety in public speaking, eliminate mother tongue interference and acquire the confidence required for making public presentations at work, at school or in the course of running your business, then this course is for you.

The training features the following:

* The 44 sounds of the English Language
* Diction/Pronunciation Drill
* Voice/Accent Polishing
* Excellent Reading Skills
* Skills for overcoming fear and anxiety in public speaking

In addition to the video conferencing and group discussions, all trainees are given access to downloadable audio and video files.

Rest assured that you will emerge from this training a refined and polished version of yourself.

To secure a place in the next batch, kindly contact us.